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Accounting Girl - Virtual Accounting Solutions-superpowers

Accounting Girl is your part-time legal accountant and virtual CFO, rescuing your company as if in the next phone booth, er… office. Accounting Girl senses when she’s needed (usually by receiving a signal via phone, Slack or email) and is at the ready! She can pick up your accounting distress from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Accounting Girl will monitor your expenses and cash flow, and alert you to any issues that need your attention. Accounting Girl understands the mindset and pain points of attorneys and has proven strategies for helping you through them. IOLTA management is like breathing to us; this is our jam!

Accounting Girl also keeps track of important due dates as well, like tax liability due dates, and helps project financial stability. Having Accounting Girl as your virtual CFO allows you to spend time on your business instead of in your business by day, so you can sleep better at night.

Accounting Girl is the liaison between all your small business cogs. Under specified direction, Accounting Girl will communicate with your CPA, banks, insurance broker, payroll provider, vendors, clients, and key employees, thus, allowing you to concentrate fully on your business. Accounting Girl will memorize key tasks specific

to your business operations, assuring that you will not have to follow up with “has this been done yet?”

Accounting Girl also helps you manage basic HR functions for your small business.  From hiring to employee benefits and payroll, Accounting Girl can help you organize and manage the paperwork and data transactions. Not sure how to figure out when the right time is to hire? Ask Accounting Girl!

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Accounting Girl - Virtual Accounting Solutions-shadow

Accounting & CFO Solutions


•Accounts Receivable and Payable management

•Daily bank and credit card reconciliations

•Daily IOLTA management including 3-way reconciliations and transfers

•QBO clean up

•Payroll processing with direct deposit and e-filing of all taxes and liabilities

•W-2 and 1099 processing

•Software consultation, set-up and training, troubleshooting

•Management and financial reporting

•Daily cash flow management

•Budgeting and cash flow projections

•Expense analysis

•Breakeven and profit analysis

•Marketing ROI analysis

•Productivity analysis

•Lockup and KPI analysis

•Cash scenarios (payroll/new hires, large purchases, moves, etc)

•Strategic Growth Planning

•And much more!

Accounting Girl handles all of your financial needs!

All of these small business accounting services are available through the powers of your new virtual CFO, Accounting Girl. While Accounting Girl’s super powers of handling all of your full accounting needs is just another day’s work for her, she will give you a sense of tranquility as well, knowing all your CFO needs are handled. No need to worry about having to replace critical employees to your business when they leave.

Accounting Girl is more than happy to speak with you for a consultation. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or have a team, Accounting Girl can help you get through the night safely by offering you business consulting. They can rescue you from plummeting profits, misshapen marketing expenses, and even bogus budgeting practices! Access to super powered business growth is merely a click, or call, away!

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