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X-Ray Scan

Not sure why your accounting and practice management softwares aren’t giving you the right datat? Not sure if things are set up correctly or being done right? Our X-Ray Vision Scan service will do a deep dive into what’s happening and why. We will also identify areas where you could be using your softwares to their fullest potential. Upon completion of the X-Ray Vision Scan, you’ll receive a summary report detailing the issues we’ve found and a recommendation for improvement. You can take the report and run with it, or we can clean it up for an additional fee.



Bar Audits

Are you under audit by your state Bar? Not sure where to start or how to get your records in order? If you haven’t been using accounting software or a practice management system, it can be overwhelming putting it all together. We can turn your manual records and bank statements into proper Trust ledgers so you can prove your compliance.



Forensic Accounting

Are you considering buying into a firm and want to make sure the financials are accurate? Or, are you selling your firm and need an independent audit as part of the M&A? Was there a mishap years ago that you’re catching up on now? Do you have a discrepancy in your IOLTA reporting that you can’t trace back? We will go through the softwares with a fine-toothed comb and deliver a report listing any discrepancies. 



One-On-One Coaching

Feeling stuck? Not sure how to get from Point A to Point B or what’s in the way? Are you starting a new business and not sure how to get organized, or even the things you need to know as a new business owner? As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified business coach, Jill offers one-on-one coaching to provide guidance and remove these roadblocks. 



Legal Accounting Training

Do you want to DIY? Did you hire a bookkeeper new to legal accounting? Are you a bookkeeper or accountant who wants to learn legal accounting? We can teach you!

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