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Jim, Hacking Law Practice

Before working with Accounting Girl, I was struggling with financial issues related to running a small, immigration law firm.  As our firm grew in size, our financial needs changed and grew in spurts and jumps.

As I started looking for help with overseeing the finances, I was concerned about working with a virtual CFO.  I was unsure how having someone off-site work on my day-to-day financial matters would work.

I wondered how responsive Jill could possibly be.

Jill showed me how she could solve the headaches dealing with the tedious nature of financial oversight and to do it in an efficient and professional manner.

I feel extremely satisfied about Accounting Girl’s virtual CFO service because she keeps track of all of our finances, helps me keep my eye on all the important financial metrics and is 100% a member of our team.

As a result of working with Jill, I can devote more time to practicing immigration law without the tedium of financial micro-managing.

Switching to Jill was painless, and it reduced my payroll expense by more than 15%.  I would definitely recommend Jill.

Dick, Sant Automotive

Christopher, Circa Properties

"It's very reassuring to have someone as responsive and attentive as Jill and her team managing the books for my business. It lets me focus on the things I do best and not stress about the things I don't!

She's a wonderful extension of my team."

Brandy, Newton Barth - Attorneys at Law

"Jill arrived in the nick of time and completely reorganized our accounting system and bookkeeping records. We rely on her to keep our business humming… Our business simply could not function without her."

Beth, Precision Chiropractic

Accounting Girl really changed my life. As a small business owner, I've struggled to understand the ins and outs of finances and it really stressed me out. Jill sat down with me, explained her process, and made me feel like I could breathe again. Any time I have a question, I shoot an email over and I have the answer very quickly.

Now when tax time comes up, I don't stress because the books are in order and ready to go. I now have time to work on growing my business and doing what I love to do... Thanks Accounting Girl!

Renata, LaSalle Realty Group

Since we began working with Accounting Girl, our books have never been more organized. We get compliments from our CPA & our bankers on how detailed, neat and easy to read they are. Accounting Girl is easy to get a hold of for questions or to make changes and additions to accounts. They are totally on it!!! We have never met in person, but from our communications, it feels like they're in the same building and not a different state. Jill truly should boast about her superpowers because she's great at what she does and we are very happy with Accounting Girl's services!

Denise, Clear Spaces, LLC

Working with Accounting Girl is one of the best business decisions I ever made. I started my business because I love helping people become more organized and effective, not because I love doing the books. I even struggled describing what I didn’t understand about accounting. Jill understood what I was trying to say and gave me easy to understand answers. She is amazingly fast in her work and amazingly patient with me.  Now I feel as though I can make much better business decisions because I understand more about my company’s financial position, thanks to Accounting Girl. Jill really is super!

Matthew A. Crist, PLLC

Jill's quick responses to my questions and proactively reaching out to me to keep my books straight have given me great peace of mind and eased my management of my firm!

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